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Esteem underarm clothing protectors

Esteem clothing protector white sleevedEsteem underarm clothing protectors are designed to help when you need a bit more than an antiperspirant e.g. to protect special clothing or to prevent sweat patches on important occasions e.g. interviews.

They are available in three variants. A clam shell style pad for sleeved clothes available in white or black. A half moon style pad, available in white, which goes inside sleeveless clothes. The pads are made from absorbent cotton gauze with a sweat resistant backing.


Manjana Clothingmanjana clothing

manjana® functional bodywear are premium quality undershirts with large integrated sweat protection pads that prevent the formation of sweat stains on outer clothing. The protection consists of two layers (both inside the shirt): A highly absorbant inner layer – (100% cotton), and an outer layer which is impermeable to liquids and protects outer clothes.



Sweatstop antiperspirant range with aloe vera

SweatStop antiperspirants

We also now offer the SweatStop range of antiperspirants formulated for sufferers of excessive sweating. The highly effective product range is unique in having a range of strengths to suit different areas of the body and skin types.  For more information and to order please visit the UK website



We have been in business as a healthcare company since 1966, and we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality products and personal service. Esteem underarm clothing protectors - dress shields are a product range we are offering to help alleviate the problems experienced as a result of excessive underarm sweating e.g. sweat patches and sweat stains on clothes.

We have been helping people who suffer from excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis, for many years by promoting a treatment known as iontophoresis. Iontophoresis should be tried if antiperspirants haven't worked. For more information please visit the web site